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Case Studies and Testimonials

In 2015 aged  53, I started to notice a variety of changes occurring within my body, coupled with heavy, unpredictable periods.  Over the next 4 years I made more frequent appointments at the GP to discuss vaginal discomfort (dryness, soreness, bleeding, itchiness, sharp pains, heaviness) and was diagnosed with a variety of conditions such as Hostile Vagina, Thrush, Eczema, Atrophy and it transpired, an underactive Thyroid.  My sleeping patterns were  chaotic, often with only 3-4 hrs per night – leaving me blurry eyed for the next working day and throwing irrationality on a mammoth scale into the mix. By 2019, things had become intolerable.  I was weepy, moody, tired and concerned that I had no understanding as to what was going on with my body and felt there were huge information gaps on the internet surrounding the Menopause to help me understand the transition I was going through. My research proved to be futile and inconclusive;  By mid-2019, and yet another GP appointment, I was then referred to specialist, Dr Briggs, whom I met Dec 2019;  Our initial consultation was thorough, consisting of an examination and detailed  discussion to relay my journey to date and concluded with Dr Briggs explaining “what had gone on”, “what was going on”, and “what options were available to support me moving forward”.   Craving a sense of normality as quickly as possible, the solution I opted for  was the Mona Lisa Touch.   I was given the Mona Lisa Touch information-fact sheet to take away  and digest, along with the contact details to arrange to start the procedure in early January 2020.

I was extremely nervous going into my first session, predominantly because of the unknown, but also had a great sense of relief that I was on a new journey, with belief and great faith that my condition would improve as a result;  Dr Briggs explained that we would meet prior to each session to discuss and understand progress made between sessions;   The procedure itself was  “a little uncomfortable” at most and to my surprise, immediately after, I was able to walk normally, drive myself home and didn’t experience any side effects.  In fact, after my second session I went straight to the gym on my way home, albeit for a swim. My physical symptoms started to improve almost immediately, and I began to feel mentally stronger too.  I went on to have 4 Mona Lisa Touch sessions in total and believe the procedure (coupled with HRT prescribed by Dr Briggs) has been a real life-changer for me. 

I found Dr Briggs to be empathetic, compassionate, with great subject knowledge, filling me with confidence and belief that my condition would improve, and in turn, improve my overall health & wellbeing;  My life has returned to near-normal and  I now sleep for 6-7 hours per night.  I am more positive and believe my future will be brighter. 



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Dr Paula Briggs

MBChB, FRCGP, FFSRH, Dip Ven , DMJ (Clin), Diploma Gynaecology

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